Lucky Lola’s Chicken Ciabatta Thunder!

Chicken Ciabatta Thunder

Lucky Lola’s Chicken Ciabatta Thunder!

I know there are a lot of ciabatta bread fans out there as well as chicken sandwich fans so this little venture made lots of sense to me. I decided to go with a sriracha mayo on this sandwich because it pairs so well with Lucky Lola’s Sweet Jalapina Heat. Bacon is something that always pairs with Sweet Jalapina Heat as well, so it was an obvious choice. Lucky Lola’s contains zero sodium and has a “sweet” flavor profile, so it naturally pairs with salty foods like bacon. The chicken was dusted lightly with seasoned salt and then grilled. I wanted the chicken flavor to come through as opposed to an overpowering seasoned salt profile. I picked a smoky gouda cheese for my sandwich and it really went well, but really I think there are some other choices that will work as well. So here are the simple instructos to make this awesome chicken sandwich! I hope you make plenty and share with family or friends.

Hello again Amigos! So, I must tell you that Lucky Lola’s does NOT post lame recipes! The food item has gotta have that “OMG” factor or it does not get posted. Here is one that made the cut. I call it “Lucky Lola’s Chicken Ciabatta Thunder”.

  • Season boneless, skinless chicken breast lightly with seasoned salt
  • Fry thick sliced, cured bacon to crispy mode and pat dry
  • Slice the Ciabatta bread in half lengthwise and butter both halves
  • Mix 1/4 cup Mayo and Tablespoon of Sriracha
  • Grill chicken and slice how you prefer
  • Re-introduce cut chicken back to grill on a piece of foil, add cheese on top… (I make my little piles of chicken the same shape and  size of the bread)
  • Toast both sides of the bread on the grill  (Pay attention, don’t let party goers distract you)
  • Assemble your masterpiece! Slap the chicken and cheese on bottom, followed by crispy bacon, sriracha mayo and of course…. Lucky Lola’s Sweet Jalapina Heat! Obviously some people will add lettuce tomato etc. and that is all good. Make it your own!
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